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What is the Homeopathic process?

"The good thing
about Homeopathy
is that it is true,
whether or not
you believe in it."
~ Homeopathy
World Community

Homeopaths believe everything in the body is inter-connected - all symptoms are related. All treatments are specific for you as an individual. In order for your homeopath to prescribe the correct remedy she needs a detailed verbal accounting of all your symptoms, medications, a description of your mental and emotional state, as well as some history.

Thus, your first visit is scheduled for two hours. After that, depending on how your particular remedy works for you, your appointments could be as short as 15 minutes and months apart! Typically, as time goes on and you continue to respond to your remedy, the less often you will need to see Beth.

Your specific needs are always Beth's top priority. If you, or your family member, should develop a new health issue at any time in the future you are encouraged to contact Beth.

Scheduling your appointment is just a click away!