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My teenage daughter and I have many allergies, you name it and one of us is allergic to it. For instance, some of our allergies are to wheat, yeast, sugar, dairy, corn, mold, dust, grass, animals, etc. When I was tested, 15 years ago for dust, my reading was 2000. The allergist told me if the reading is at 60 he treats people. I am very allergic to dust!

We have been taking allergy treatments with some success. There hasn't ever been any hope of "recovering" from these allergies, and we made major hard changes to our lifestyle. We have never quite figured out the food allergies. That seems to be the most difficult one. We try hard, but sometimes the cravings overcome us. More often the pressure from feeling like an odd ball when everyone else is eating things we can't have overcome me. I eat the wrong things and then I suffer. Once I do this the cravings take over and it is a vicious cycle to get back on track. Beth has offered us hope. We have been taking her remedy for almost a month now. I am feeling much more control over the food choices I make and therefore feeling better and more energetic.

I had a traumatic childhood and Beth was the first "health" person that sincerely listened and applied my emotions to my health. It makes so much sense! I get stomach aches when there is conflict between people, unfortunately, my stomach hurts a lot. I am convinced this has an effect on my health.

Beth is a very good listener and very thorough with her follow-up. Another first for me was how she remembered and asked me about my concerns from the initial visit. She remembered more about what I had said than I did. I didn't need a checklist to ask her "What about...?" She took care of it. I also feel more settled now, like I can face conflict better. It is hard to explain, I just feel different and like I can deal with life in a healthful way. I am looking forward to continuing on my remedy and working with Beth.

- Teri Recht, North Branch, MN